About Impulse Network

The Impulse Network is run by the Sports Business Club at the University of St. Gallen. A team of volunteering students offers and students of the sports industry a non-profit platform to take part in an international and inter-generational exchange to shape the future of the industry. We bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical experience in the sports business. Furthermore, we aim to help and prepare young talents for a career in the sports industry by building the awareness of this profession and offering a wide range of initiatives, networking events and resources in collaboration with leading firms in the sports business.


Alma Antonia Botten


Football, Running

Benedikt Dunse

Head of Impulse Week

Basketball, Fitness, Handball

Carol Koch


Track and Field, Skiing

Dominik Stein


Fitness, Skiing

Dominique Schnetzer


Icehockey, Floorball

Elin Magyar

Head of Academics

Basketball, Waterpolo

Enya Dietze


Showjumping, Badminton

Fabian Wiedemeier


Football, Skiing

Fabio Anceschi


Football, Tennis, Skiing

Florian Huber

Head of Network

Tennis, Skiing, Kitesurfing

Jill Haas


Handball, Fitness, Showjumping

Julien Petat

Head of Eventmanagement


Mara Forstpointner


Horse riding, Fitness

Nico Lamprecht


Football, Handball, Fitness

Olivier Schneider


Icehockey, Football

Raphael Koller


Handball, Football, Esports

Raphaël Toth


Skiing, Beachvolleyball, Fitness

Tarass Thevenaz


Tennis, Football, American Football

Students from the University of St. Gallen interested in joining the Sports Business Club can contact us at info@sportsbusinessclub.com. We will get back to you until November 2020 when we start the official recruiting for our 2021 Team.

previous partners and contributors

The Impulse Summit would not be possible without the generous support from our partners and contributors. They share our passion for sports business – we want to thank them for making everything possible. These partnerships enable the Sports Business Club at the University of St. Gallen to make a difference and to put a unique conference together.


We use our different events to give varying people interested in the sports business a platform to take part in an intergenerational exchange. We have the Impulse Summit or this year the Impulse Week as our flagship events. We also have workshops with some of our partners, where we visit their headquarters and develop solutions for emerging problems together. In our industry projects we consult companies over a longer period of time to develop and create ideas and solutions. Finally, for our fellow students at the University of St. Gallen we offer events on campus such as the annual foosball tournament.

Impulse SummitWorkshopsIndustry ProjectsCampus Events


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