We are excited to announce that we are planning to return with our main format the Impulse Summit with its 4rd edition on October 28th-29th 2021. As the pandemic still continues to affect our daily lives, we will continue to assess the format of our event and keep our network updated. Be it physically or digitally, we have seen that the dialogue can continue in either setting and we are excited to realize this in the years to come. Our goal to provide a platform for an intergenerational, international, and interdisciplinary exchange within the sports industry remains and we are hoping to further improve this experience for all people included!

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Be challenged by the next generation

We want you to fuel the discussions with controversial impulses and debate about the developments within sports industry in these unprecedented times.

Within our interactive formats, we invite our internationally selected young leaders to challenge the industry leaders directly and discuss perspectives.

We provide you with a platform to connect with experts and young leaders from all around the globe to discuss the important topics in sports during informative sessions.


Become an Athlete within the Sports Industry

Become one of 70 Challenger and question the status quo in eye level discussions on our shared passion of sports.

We want to provide you with a platform to have an intergenerational exchange with other like-minded enthusiasts of the sports industry.

We are looking for eager young minds, willing to challenge the status quo of the sports industry. There are no academic prerequisites.

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